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Zalando Zdirect

As part of our ongoing work for Zalando, we supported them in the launch of their new partner program Zdirect. We were asked to create a video to present their dedicated new online platform to Zalando’s teams and to showcase the key features, overall design, and flow to build hype internally.


A fresh, bold, and clear way to introduce the platform by showcasing its key features dynamically. Going the opposite way of a platform tutorial video, presenting the tool and building excitement at the same time.

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Art Direction

We wanted to establish a dynamic conversation between the video and its audience. Rather than just titles to introduce the different sections of the video, we used the copy’s direct tone of voice to call out to the viewers using bold typography and minimalist geometric shapes to help illustrate the message.

What we did

The first step of the process was to animate the UI elements of the platform, bringing to life the various interactions such as graphs, illustrations, buttons, and overlays. Then we integrated those elements in a faux 3D environment to bring movement and flow to the whole ensemble. Most of the challenge was to create seamless transitions between elements, creating a dynamic flow that illustrates the different features of the platform while following a classic user journey.

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