Design for positive impact

What is impact design?

Impact design aims to deliberately to create positive social, environmental and economic change with design. Impact design focuses on the impact mechanism to guide and drive the business and the design activities.

Our approach to impact design is two-fold:

1. Modelling impact: understanding the ecosystem: players, relationships and impact mechanics that form the model of change and the base of the product & design

2. Measuring impact: choose the most effective metrics & actually measure the difference to product/service creates

Adventure Club has been actively developing impact products and services since 2015.

Our primary focus has been mainly on the themes of well-being, sustainability & combating climate change.

What we do? - How to get your impact product to next level?

We work with companies/ventures/teams as design partners or impact coach, with a flex team or with a full design team.

We provide help on three key areas: Impact Modelling & Research,  Product/System Design and Strategic/Business Design. We customize our offer to match your needs & in-house capabilities.

See details at impactclub.fi

Create impact on larger scale

We have run an impact accelerator programme and provided impact design modules, sprints and coaching for accelerators in Finland (Sitra) and France (Cartier).

The full accelerator covers everything from finding and choosing most suitable impact ventures to the programme, running a tailored accelarator program based on the needs of the venture and evaluation of the impact of the acceleration.

The modules and sprints are tailored from our offering: Impact Modelling & Research,  Product/System Design and Strategic/Business design.

Our own impact products

Here are some of our products with measured impact. These products have been developed in-house from scratch - from ideas & concepts to fully functioning products that are now available for users. The impact has been measured by large scale focus group studies and verified by scientific metrics.

Industry Experience


Public services


Media & Publishing

Automotive & Mobility

Insurance & Financial Services


Retail & FMCG


Business & Service design

Explore and discover sustainable growth with our expert guidance and hands-on design capabilities.

Brands & Experience

Create brand, product and service experiences your customers will love again and again.