About us

We're a curious team of like-minded creatives with big ideas and a diverse set of skills to match. On our journey we've grown into an award-winning design agency, an international company with 40+ amazing and ambitious individuals and adventurous clients that are eager to explore with us. And we are extremely proud of it all.

Helsinki is where it started, and today we have design studios in Amsterdam, Turku, Berlin and Paris. Creating meaningful experiences and pitch-perfect design – that’s what we do whether it is labeled business development, strategy, branding or service design. We also collaborate closely with other digital rock star companies as part of a close-knit ecosystem of talent called Reaktor Fusion.

The simple fact is that the world needs more bold adventurers, passion and empathy. That’s why we champion world-changing people, companies, and ideas through our Impact Club. It’s a club for the most promising ventures with social impact in mind. We help make impact-driven ideas tangible, the impact measurable and the business case solid.



True to our name, we’re comfortable in uncharted waters and eager to make waves. Big splashes, in fact. After all, the only way to achieve positive change is to design a better world one idea, experience, campaign, and service at a time. So, are you in?

Positive Change & Impact

Innovate and design positive change. Create solutions that capture, verify, and scale that change in the best possible way.

Business & Service design

Explore and discover sustainable growth with our expert guidance and hands-on design capabilities.

Brands & Experience

Create brand, product and service experiences your customers will love again and again.