Tommy Sport Unveiled

Tommy Sport

Tommy Sport Unveiled

Introducing Tommy’s bold take on activewear. By the end of 2018, Tommy Hilfiger was ready to reveal a new division of Tommy Hilfiger inspired by activewear designed for leisure, Tommy Sport. To market Tommy Sport in the digital environment Adventure Club was asked to create a concept landing page that supplied a unique perspective on sports alongside a smooth user experience. The focus was to create desirability and credibility for Tommy Sport as a product group.

New kid on the block

The main focus of the digital experience was to establish Tommy Hilfiger as a desirable and credible actor in the athleisure segment, dominated by sports giants like Lululemon, adidas, and Nike. Tommy Sport wants to inspire people to express their individuality while embracing an active lifestyle, with a genuine Tommy twist.

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Credible and desirable

We designed a new landing page experience to support Tommys' unique perspective on sports. We wanted to reach the users with a desirable experience that also narrate the technical grounds on which the Tommy Sport products have been developed. We paired the bold blocking colour of the collection with a dynamic typeface and animated features, creating a playful and colourful intro to the world of Tommy Sport.

User experience

Tommy Sports user experience should be exceptionally simple. In short journeys, users should be able to access all collections, get familiar with the technical nature of the products in a playful way and gain more credibility of the products by viewing videos of the features in action. We collaborated with the production studio Plusone to create incredible 3D videos of the technical features.

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The new landing page performed magnifically in conjunction with the Instagram campaign, boosting the click-through to e-commerce and the conversion rate. Since its launch in 2018, the Tommy Sport division has some of the best-selling products on Tommy.com, thanks also to the solution designed by us that brought consumers to love this bold and fun new collection.

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