Tommy Lens Exclusive AR

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Lens Exclusive AR

Tommy Lens, a feature of MyTommy App, unlocks an exclusive reality to enhance customer retention & engagement. It offers an immersive brand experience across all touch-points, connected to e-commerce for innovative shopping. The concept was designed, developed, and tested in a flagship store in just 7 days.

Designing engaging and exclusive features for MyTommy App

Before the development of Tommy Lens, it was evident that collecting loyalty points alone was insufficient to retain and engage users. Surveys indicated that users of single-brand apps installed them primarily to gain access to exclusive deals, products, and brand experiences. As a result, the challenge was to design new features that added value to the user's experience by providing them with a more immersive and engaging app experience.

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The extended reality feature for MyTommy App

The development of the extended reality feature was a solution to this challenge. Tommy Lens provides two distinct journeys that can be explored at the user's convenience, allowing them to extend their in-store experience. The augmented reality (AR) experiences provided by the Tommy Lens feature are location-specific and offer exclusive product content that is shoppable through e-commerce.

Engagement and retention in MyTommy App

In just seven days, the Tommy Lens feature was designed, developed, and tested in a flagship store. By unlocking an exclusive reality, MyTommy App aims to enhance customer retention and engagement through a unique and immersive brand experience.

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