MyTommy AR Experience

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Lens Exclusive AR

Gaining retention & engagement by unlocking exclusive reality Tommy Lens is an extended reality feature to the MyTommy App that enables an immersive and exclusive brand and product experience in all touch-points throughout the journey. Connected to e-commerce, it provides inspiring new ways to do your shopping. In just 7 days, we designed, developed, and tested the concept in a flagship store.


How to retain new and engage inactive users of the MyTommy App‍? The loyalty app had been launched a while back and had gained significant interest, but it turned out that collecting points alone wasn’t enough. Surveys showed that the primary motive for installing a single-brand app was to get exclusive deals, products, and brand experiences. Challenge: Design new features that bring value for the user through a more exclusive, engaging, and immersive app experience.

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An extended reality feature that offers exclusive content and drops for MyTommy loyalty app users. The exclusive reality experience consists of two journeys that can be discovered and explored at your comfort to extend the in-store experience. The Tommy Lens feature provides different experiential AR content depending on where it’s activated. The exclusive product content in AR is made shoppable through e-comm.

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