AR Filters TJ x Looney Tunes

Tommy Jeans

Tommy Jeans x Looney Tunes

In spring 2020, Tommy Jeans released a Looney Tunes collection in collaboration with Warner Bros. In association with the launch campaign, Adventure Club created a unique, interactive AR experience to hype this special collection.

AR Campaign

Adventure Club was asked to help Tommy Jeans increase awareness and create hype among the brand's target audience. Inspired by the playful Looney Tunes characters and iconic scenes, our goal was to create two immersive, interactive AR effects; one for hyping the upcoming collaboration and another for driving desire towards the collection itself.

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Collaborative and iterative design

Given the tech-driven nature of the project; design and development were performed iteratively. Thanks to the visual interface and live testing feature of Facebook’s AR software, our cross-national team was able to collaboratively build and refine the effects in real-time. Trying out our prototypes directly on the social platform allowed us to optimise and validate adjustments as we progressed.

Creating an Immersive User Experience: Bringing Looney Tunes Characters to Life

We started the process with an ideation sprint based on four design principles, which helped our concept take shape. Our inspiration came from the strong, unbreakable bond between the iconic characters of Looney Tunes, and we wanted our users to experience that same feeling by teaming up with Bugs Bunny. As we continued developing our story and refining our ideas, we began to create the scenes and environments to bring our concept to life. We used a combination of design tools, such as Photoshop, After Effects, and Blender, to create most of our 2D assets and animations. We made sure to optimize the quality and file size of our work in After Effects to ensure the best user experience

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