FW19 collection drop

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger FW19

Highlighting the top-tier offering of Tommy Hilfiger The FW19 Collection was all about the crest. The strong crest icon symbolizes the Hilfiger family and is the center of the Hilfiger Collection. Our ambition was to display the collection as cleanly as possible and only highlight the finer details when the user scrolls past them. The design and page setup is centered around simplicity and an easy flow into the e-commerce environment of Tommy.com.


Create a landing environment that displays the collection as best as possible while giving the consumer enough information to continue their journey into the online shop.

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We delivered a minimalistic and sophisticated experience with an exciting look module highlighting the different looks and items. With delicate colors, patterns and movements, it mimics the experience similar to that of a high-end physical clothing store.

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