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Reima stands as the premier choice in performance wear for active children, offering premium, all year round, wardrobes. The brand aims to instill a lifelong love for movement in every child. With a legacy dating back to 1944, Reima has consistently been there — come rain or shine, for everyday moments and extraordinary adventures.

The Task

As a global player, Reima had already laid a great foundation for their e-commerce. However, with growing markets and expanding customer expectations came new requirements, for which there was no ready-made solutions. To bridge these gaps a unified approach was needed, and so we collaborated with Reima to built a new online store solution for them.

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A brand-driven e-commerce, co-created with customers

Our team began to form the design direction by robust insight gathering. Combining existing data with both qualitative and quantitative research, we were able to form a clear design vision reflective of business, customer and technological needs alike. This vision directed the principles and drivers for any future development work. Based on this, our team designed customer experience flows and mapped out comprehensive customer journeys to ensure a seamless and engaging shopping experience. Leveraging a robust design system and a well-thought-out information architecture.

Headless Shopify architecture

The new online store was implemented based on a Headless architecture, utilizing modern JavaScript tools and frameworks. The development work was carried out in phases to better address the needs of different areas and to ensure a smooth transition. Customer centricity remained at the core of the design work, as we solved design challenges together as well as rigorously tested our designs with them. This practice ensured that the platform not only meets, but actually exceeds the expectations of Reima's diverse and global customer base.

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Our Team Composition

Lead Developer/Architect
Insight Lead
Strategic Designer
UI/UX Designer
Creative Director

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