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Netflix Voice of Katla

Netflix partnered with us to market its first Icelandic Netflix Original, Katla – by turning the volcano’s activity data into music. The Voice of Katla is both a beautiful tribute to Icelandic nature and artistry – and a creative expression of the interplay between technology and art.

What is hidden will be revealed

Katla is set in the harrowingly beautiful scenery of Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland. A year after the initial eruption of the subglacial volcano Katla, the few remaining local community inhabitants contend with the secrets emerging from the volcano’s crevasses. To promote the series, Netflix asked us to set out to create a campaign that both honors the eerie atmosphere of the series and brings global audiences to its source: Icelandic nature and folklore.

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The series' charm comes from our attraction toward the supernatural Icelandic nature and its mysteries, revealing something hidden within ourselves. We reveal Katla’s hidden emotions and persona by turning data from Katla into musical soundscapes performed in a concert. Katla is part composer and conductor, channeling its emotions through a lead singer and vocal ensemble.

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