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MyTommy App

The MyTommy App is part of the ecosystem of user-facing tools from Tommy Hilfiger. Along with e-commerce and in-store devices, the app is the main touchpoint of Tommy Hilfiger's loyalty program MyTommy.The latest version, MyTommy 2.0, grants access to the users to exclusive content, early access to products and special events.

Improving the experience

We worked on a variety of topics alternating from the day-to-day design direction and support of development and management, UX design and user research for the new features, to the complete redesign of the home page to provide easy access to the exclusive contents with a fashion-forward approach.

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Personalisation and de-cluttering

We introduced more space for the imagery and the content, de-cluttered the screens from irrelevant navigation CTAs and added features that allow the users to shop directly from the content. We ran user tests and workshops to provide valuable and solid bases to design, and refreshed some of the most important new features, and in doing so, helped shape the future of the app.‍

Smooth onboarding

The onboarding journey has been completely redesigned to accommodate the needs of the business team (data-enrichment) but keeping always in mind the users need: The subscription process has been optimised and user tested, to evaluate the possible pain points. With this in mind the new onboarding is faster, clearer and more on brand.

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