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Schools across the world are still tackling issues with bullying among their students within their districts. Bullying can be a nightmare for many kids and often comes with a heavy price. Globally, 50% of school kids have experienced bullying at some point in their life (Child Helpline International 2013). Whilst 80% of youth suicides are due to bullying and peer victimization (JAMA Pediatrics Network 2013). Mightifier helps kids become masters of their social and emotional skills. Teachers see a more positive class atmosphere, less bullying, and a better focus on learning.


Mightifier is based on existing social psychology research on positive psychology and character strengths. By making strengths visible in a class, Mightifier helped raise kids’ self-esteem and by that prevent bullying and social exclusion.

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Mightifier helps kids to become masters of their social and emotional skills. Teachers see a more positive class atmosphere, less bullying and a better focus on learning. Classmates give each other positive feedback based on strengths. Teachers support progress from their dashboards. Easy and fun.


Overall the results were very promising. Based on a study made by social psychologists during the pilot in 12 schools, results were gathered and compared between teachers and students. 76% of the teachers felt that Mightifier reduced bullying by at least a little in the class. However, 100% of the teachers felt that the use of the application improved kids’ social-emotional skills and overall general mood of the children. 45% felt that bullying was reduced in the classroom in general, and 75% said that they felt that Mightifier improved their mood.

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