L'Oréal Signature Faces


L'Oréal Signature Faces

In spring 2020, VIRTUE reached out to us in partnership with L’Oréal Paris, seeking to explore a new dimension of interactivity by creating a digital-only makeup line called Signature Faces. By combining makeup artistry, digital creativity, and AR technology, we crafted a series of artistic and hyper-real virtual looks to be admired and shared.

Exploring a new dimension of makeup through AR

Signature Faces is meeting Gen Z where they are increasingly spending their time - online. From video calls to live streams and social media feeds, the collection of Signature Faces provides people with a brand new way to express themselves in the digital sphere.

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Digital-Only makeup line with AR technology

L'Oreal's commitment to pushing the boundaries of makeup led them to release an interactive, digital-only makeup line for people to use and share in their online environments. Our goal was to design and develop a complete series of virtual makeup effects, including products for eyes, lips, and cheeks, with the help of creative AR-technology. Through an iterative process of 3D artistry, visual design, and creative development, each virtual makeup effect was created and refined through seamless collaboration between parties. The visual AR software allowed us to try out and evaluate prototypes in their true environments, such as video calls, further enhancing our remote collaboration process.

Collaborative process for virtual makeup effects

Drawing initial inspiration from the cyberpunk genre, the virtual makeup effects were created based on digital textures designed in collaboration with renowned makeup artist Val Garland and two external 3D artists. Various methods were used to create the shape of each effect, ranging from 3D modeling to a combination of animated textures with alpha masks. The process required rigorous fine-tuning to ensure that the makeup looked amazing on different faces

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Make your makeup stand out with L'Oréal's signature faces

Signature Faces is pushing the boundaries of makeup by allowing you to experiment with the most elevated makeup effects without committing to applying real-world products. The collection comprises a total of 10 virtual looks, including artistic, hyper-real effects for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Available on Google Duo, Snapchat, and Instagram, Signature Faces offers something for every occasion, giving users a whole new way of expressing themselves in the digital sphere.

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