Hilfiger Collection SP20

Tommy Hilfiger

Hilfiger Collection SP20

Adventure Club created an exciting experience for the launch of Hilfiger's SP20 collection, featuring four distinct seasons with monthly releases from early spring to early summer. Inspired by fashion magazines, we merged printed media with digital, using horizontal scrolling, spread-based layouts, and layer-based interactions.

Merging physical with digital to launch a new Hilfiger Collection

With the previous campaign's success as a foundation, the goal was to further elevate Hilfiger Collection's luxury positioning as well as establish Hilfiger Collection as the top-tier product offering within the Tommy Hilfiger brand portfolio. We also aimed to establish a strong association between the collection and the Hilfiger Crest.

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A horizontal magazine-inspired experience for Hilfiger

The outcome was a fully horizontal experience that drew inspiration from physical fashion magazines. We used layers that move on top of one another to create the impression that the pages of a magazine were being turned. We also used large imagery to highlight the delicate details of the luxurious garments. Additionally, we created a special edition dedicated to the crest emblem, which allowed users to explore its notable details and their significance to the brand and the collection.

Seamless journey: A fully horizontal journey with visual hints and mobile optimization

We explored various options for layout, interaction, and navigation to enhance user experience. We ultimately decided to go with a horizontal experience to provide a smooth journey from start to finish. Visual hints and guiding animations were also included to remind users of the horizontal layout throughout the experience. Since the majority of Tommy Hilfiger users prefer mobile, we ensured that the mobile version was just as seamless as the desktop. The navigational element was placed at the end of each chapter to allow users to fully engage with the content before moving on to the next section. It was designed to resemble the spines of magazines on a shelf to reinforce the magazine-inspired concept.

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