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Framery Design Partnership

Framery is a rapidly growing manufacturer and a global pioneer of soundproof private spaces. They launched the world's first connected phone booth to answer the high demands of the hybrid work model. This launch was a significant step for Framery towards service business - our collaboration included designing the UX/UI of the new Framery One pod and the core of their new SaaS platform, Framery Connect.

The World's First Connected Soundproof Pod

We helped Framery define and design a whole new smart product experience. On top of the pioneering industrial design, we were tasked to design a unified and seamless experience on smart features and the surrounding digital ecosystem. We created a holistic UX concept to integrate smart features into the highest standard physical product experience and a seamless touch UI for the pod panel that controls background systems: booking system, ventilation, lights, service, maintenance, etc.

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Framery Connect

A Digital service for facility managers that enables easy integration into calendar systems. Gives real-time statistics and use rates when and how the pods are used for ideal placement and the optimal number of pods to maximize workplace productivity. Works as a hub for customer service and predictive maintenance.

Service tool

A mobile manual and service book for assembly and maintenance personnel.

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