Metaverse Experience

Finnish National Gallery

First Metaverse National Gallery

The Finnish Metagallery, located in Decentraland, aims to make art more accessible and engaging to a diverse audience by revolutionizing the traditional gallery experience. Curated by users, it serves as a collaborative platform for events and collaborations.

Bringing real culture to the metaverse

The Gallery is the first art institute to utilize a DAO voting tool on the blockchain, using airdropped wearables as ERC-721 voting tokens on Snapshot. As the largest art museum in Finland with over 42,000 works of art, the Finnish National Gallery strives to develop and promote Finnish cultural heritage while making art accessible to the public. To remain relevant and adapt to changing demographics, art institutions like the Finnish National Gallery must find new ways to engage younger and more diverse visitors.

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Web3 technologies pave the way for more inclusive and accessible art

The Metaverse and web3 offer an exceptional and immersive platform for people to experience and engage with art, enhancing its accessibility. In the physical world, people may be limited by geography or other factors in their ability to view and experience art. By making art more accessible, a wider range of people can participate in exhibitions and engage with works of art. Inclusive and accessible art can help facilitate a wider understanding of the art by allowing people from different backgrounds to interact and learn from each other through the medium of art.

Role of the Metaverse Gallery

The Metaverse Gallery's launch represents the beginning of a community-oriented initiative that strives to enhance art accessibility and foster innovative art experiences. This interactive platform seeks to develop a shared experience for artists and art enthusiasts while promoting experimentation and creative expression. As technology progresses, the Metaverse Gallery offers a glimpse into the future of art institutions, advancing new opportunities for artistic engagement and pioneering new avenues for creative expression

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In the first three months after opening in September 2022, the Finnish Metagallery achieved impressive results without spending any money on advertising. There were 89,340 unique art experiences and visitors spent 2,635 hours in the gallery. Additionally, 7,432 votes were cast for "Featured" art pieces, and during peak hours, visitors spent over 7 minutes in the gallery. The Metagallery received several honors, including being the world's first national gallery in the Metaverse, the first project from Finland on any major metaverse platform, and a feature on national TV.

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