Digidentity redesign


Digidentity redesign

We partnered with Digidentity to rebrand and revamp their website, defining the company's vision and mission. Digidentity, a top digital identity provider, offers services to enhance digital identity for businesses and individuals, advancing digital innovation. Adventure Club helped bring this vision to fruition by creating a new brand image and website to effectively communicate with the target audience


Digidentity's ambition is to establish itself as a prominent and well-respected brand that consistently meets the needs of its international audience by delivering an exceptional brand experience and unique identity. The company aims to be top-of-mind, effectively targeting and converting customers while exceeding both their expectations and the competition.

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We led a rebranding process with workshops to identify core brand drivers and explore visually appealing options via cross-industry research and moodboards. The brand core was defined including purpose, vision, and values and transformed into a cohesive look and feel to effectively communicate Digidentity's identity and value proposition to its target audience

What we delivered?

For branding, we gained insight into Digidentity's value proposition and target audience through interviews and workshops, leading to a strong brand positioning that differentiated the company from competitors. Our design team created a modern logo and visual identity that conveyed innovation and trustworthiness, resulting in a brand that effectively showcases Digidentity's offerings to its target audience.

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The Digidentity website is the primary customer interaction point, and we aimed to enhance the user experience by showcasing their digital identity products in an easy-to-understand and actionable manner. To achieve this, we added an animated feature to visually present the products and make navigation easier. We chose a headless CMS for development for better scalability, flexibility, and control over content with a decoupled architecture separating the front and back-end. The new website, developed by Adventure Club Amsterdam, was a crucial part of Digidentity's rebranding and effectively conveyed the company's offerings to its target audience.

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