App to help teens get rid of anxiety



Chillaa is a digital helper that every junior high school student can have in their pockets for managing stressful and anxious situations. A highly context-relevant, free mobile application, for self-help contains relaxation exercises, support for facing difficult situations, and tasks to relieve anxiety utilizing methods of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Designed together with teenagers, HUS psychiatric department, and Duodecim.


We brought together teenagers, the best psychiatrists, and mindfulness specialists to co-design toward measurable impact.

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Mood packs: sometimes it is hard to recognize how you are feeling and what would help you in certain mindsets. The app gives you exercise recommendations based on your current mood. Whether you’re having a hard time falling asleep or you are in a panic, there are exercises fit for those moments. Quick help to calm you down: Quick help is perfect for situations you need
instant relief or positive vibes to cheer you up. The section contains simple exercises for stressful situations - such as breathing techniques, calming down the mind & body, peer cheering, and funny gifs to make you laugh. Train your body and mind Together with teenagers, we picked ten commonly recognized social situations that are scary to most teens. For each situation, there are easy-to-absorb-tips, tasks for changing your thinking towards more positive, and guidance to help you eliminate your fears. Utilizing methods of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the app encourages you to practice challenging situations, monitors your progress, and helps you to gain confidence. Little by little, you will be less anxious.

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