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Improving the new member experience adidas.com Creators Club is a rapidly growing platform with millions of users worldwide. Approximately 30% of all new membership sign-ups are now made via adidas.com. Adventure Club, in collaboration with the Consumer Acquisition team, refreshed the entire sign-up template landscape across all touchpoints and channels. Our goal was to improve usability, designing the sign-up to be faster and easier while at the same time aligning the look and improving the general user experience.

Member Account

New capabilities and rapid uptake in the company have seen the Creators Club membership platform inherently increase in complexity. We had to find a way to make a systems-based architecture where we could construct all signup forms and campaign pages in a modular way. Once we had a strong concept, we as a team worked closely with adidas development teams to deliver these new features and components for the website.

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Ecosystem vision

We initiated a project to align and improve these signup templates sitewide as part of a component-based ecosystem. We wanted to empower marketers and managers inside adidas to be able to localize their acquisition campaigns and sign-up moments. We also needed to design smart ways to gather data contextually and at the same time address the various data privacy concerns for the user we uncovered in the research phase.

New components

We used a component-based, modular design logic for the entire project. This involved moving away from the existing template logic towards a more widget-based design system. We were for the first time, able to support emerging markets cultural requirements and specific needs like bidirectional/right-to-left headers and copy. We ensured the diffusion of the core knowledge to key adidas stakeholders using workshops and user journey mapping sessions with team leads to hand over new and improved design patterns. We collaborated closely with adidas development resources, where they implemented all the new features and components into the design system or ADL (adidas design language).

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